Efficient filter cloth cleaning -

at high pressure for long-lasting filter presses

Filter presses can be found in various designs, for example in the chemical industry, wastewater treatment or food industry. In order to maintain the functionality of the presses in the long term, there is a regular cleaning of the filter cloths by means of high pressure technology. Depending on the filter press, this is possible with an automatic washing device or manually with a spray gun.

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  • optimal cleaning results
  • automatic cleaning process possible
  • programmable and controllable systems
  • simple manual solutions also possible
  • starting up different cleaning positions
  • customized systems
  • short downtimes

What is a filter press?

A filter press is used to separate liquids and solids. It is a discontinuous pressure filter that cleans the liquids. The filter press is an alternative to cleaning with centrifuges, belt presses or thickening systems.

The filter press separates the liquid from the solids at pressures of 250 to 600 bar. Various systems such as chamber filter presses, frame filter presses and membrane filter presses with differently designed filter plates are used. However, the basic principle is always the same. The filter plates are covered with a filter cloth, which allows liquids to pass and retains particles. At the end of the filtration cycle the remaining particles in the filter are removed. Subsequently, the filter cloths are cleaned with high pressure water of about 60 bar.

Many filter presses are equipped with an automatic cleaning and washing device. It consists of a nozzle bar that automatically cleans the filter cloth. The manual cleaning with spray gun and special nozzle holder is also possible.

Filter cloth cleaning with high-pressure water is ideally suited for filter presses used for dewatering sewage sludge, in the chemical industry, wastewater treatment, the food industry, the ceramics industry or metallurgy. Depending on the size of the filter press, the high-pressure pumps used for cleaning can reach flow rates between 140 and 390 liters per minute.

The filter cloth cleaning is essential for maintaining the efficiency of filter presses. URACA offers suitable solutions for high-pressure water cleaning and supplies pump sets and accessories worldwide. Questions about the products will be answered by the URACA experts. Contact us now.