High Pressure Pumps in Refinery

Process Applications for Chemistry and Petrochemistry

The name petrochemistry (also petrol chemistry) derives from the Greek terms for rock and oil. The petrochemical industry produces chemical products based on natural gas and petroleum fractions. Reliable pump operation is of eminent importance in the complex process industry. Further highest safety standards need to be considered in design.

URACA supplies process pump units for the most difficult media, which are individually designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. They are used in refineries and similar facilities.

Our services for your benefit

  • conservative pump design for long operating times
  • great experience in complex process technology
  • individually tailored to customer solutions
  • consideration of various project specifications
  • numerous references in the field of chemistry and petrochemistry
  • extensive consulting services
  • high level of vertical integration and extensive know-how

Special challenges for chemical process technology

Many processes in the chemical and petrochemical industry are usually operated continiously. Consequently, the process pumps will also be operated 24 hours per day. Maintenance and other service activites of often only possbile once a year during planned plant shutdown.
Therefore, used pump technology must reliably work up to 8,800 hours at a time between services without any failure!

Usually, standby capacities must be kept to keep the process running in case that any problems arise. Further, very detailed and strict project specifications and other regulations by final enduser and licensor have to be met by the pump supplier.
Suitable pump configuration must meet process requirements without being too conservative in terms of pump speed. Too low pump speed would result in too big and expensive pump units.

High viscous process media, for example asphalt or residual oil, require extremely high process temperatures to keep them in liquid state of aggregation. The high process termperatures is a challenging factor fror the pump design. Further challenge is the required unmanned plant operation. Detailed instrument selection incl. complex machine monitoring are used the reduce the risk of unplanned shutdown of the pump systems.

Process engineering in the chemical and petrochemical industries requires process pump units that are suitable and tailor-made for the most difficult media. The products must meet the highest safety requirements and work reliably. Thanks to decades of experience and numerous references all over the world, URACA provides individual high-quality solutions that provide customers with the necessary security.

Do you have any questions about high pressure products for the chemical and petrochemical industry? Contact us now. The URACA experts will gladly advise you and find the right solutions for you.