For oil and gas production

sophisticated high-pressure technology

The oil and gas industry has special requirements. High-pressure technology must operate safely, reliably and with low maintenance under extreme conditions. URACA high-pressure pumps and pump units master these special challenges with ease. They are used in various oil and gas production facilities and offer numerous advantages.

Our services for your benefit

  • conservative design for long service life
  • less load cycles for valves thanks to low speed
  • wear-free pulsation dampers and resonators
  • profile rings instead of O-rings
  • individual and adapted pump configuration
  • easy maintenance thanks to individually removable stuffing boxes
  • valve blocks can be customized
  • know-how of URACA in process technology
  • high level of vertical integration of the components at URACA

The special challenges of oil and gas extraction

High-pressure pumps and pump units in oil and gas service run in continuous, 24 hour operation. They must require little maintenance and must be controllable remotely. All maintenance work must be carried out during the annual shutdown of the system.

The service life of the system, including pump technology, is normally designed to be 20 to 25 years. If the system is installed in an explosion-proof area or corrosive atmosphere, such as near the sea, a special pump design is necessary. The selected materials and components must be of very high quality.

Only by a very careful design of the pump technology, is the safe operation of the entire system guaranteed. Above all, the current API 674 standard has to be considered with its restrictive specifications. In addition to the API 674, there are further project specifications. For example, with a hot oil pump with solids content, the API 674 values ​​are not easy to implement and require the manufacturer's detailed know-how through years of experience.

URACA favors a conservative pump design with low or medium plunger speed. This ensures a longer service life of the wearing parts and longer maintenance intervals. At the same time, a high operating pressure of 1,000 bar and more can be achieved.

What fluids does the oil and gas industry need to pump?

URACA's high pressure pumps and pumping units for oil and gas production are designed to API 674 and are used as process pumps in up-stream applications to inject fluids such as glycol, methanol or reservoir water.

In downstream applications, they are used to inject washing water in the hydro-cracker process, for residual oil or hot oil, bitumen, asphalt and catalyst slurry.

In oil and gas production, pump technology must meet extreme challenges. The right pump design requires the know-how of an experienced pump manufacturer. URACA has more than 125 years of experience and offers suitable solutions in high quality.

Do you have any questions about high pressure pumps in the oil and gas sector? Contact us now. The URACA experts will gladly advise you.