Efficient high pressure solutions for the press drive

Hydraulically driven presses work reliably and powerfully. Pressures of 300 bar and higher drive the presses. electric driven high-pressure pump are used to generate the required operating pressure. The hydraulic fluid is usually clear water or a water-oil emulsion.

Depending on the requirements, URACA can rely on a wide range of different, highly efficient pump solutions for the press drive.

Our services for your benefit

  • many years of experience in the field of press drives
  • suitable pump design for high performance applications
  • close cooperation with end customers and engineering
  • robust, reliable and durable pump technology
  • tailor made for harsh environments
  • long operating times of 8,000 hours a year
  • efficient and economical operation of pump technology
  • pressures up to 1,000 bar and flow rates up to 2,000 l / min
  • flow rate precisely adjustable by speed regulation
  • direct switching to pressureless flow possible

Hydraulic drive of presses: Mode of operation and benefits

Presses can be driven mechanically or hydraulically. Water hydraulics has been used for forging presses for hundreds of years. Today, hydraulic presses are typically operated with pressures up to 300 bar. The required supply pressure is generated by an electric driven high pressure reciprocating pump. Compared to mechanical presses, hydraulic presses are easier to prepare and are particularly suitable for pulling operations, as the maximum force is available over the entire stroke length.

The hydraulic press drive is a high performance application. Pumps can be used in two ways. Very simple and inexpensive systems are those in which the pumps are connected directly to the presses. There are no valves or reservoirs between the pressure sockets of the pump and the press.

Other drives work with storage tanks and compressed air. High-pressure pumps convey into a pressure vessel in which the compressed air serves as an energy store and the water or the water-oil emulsion serves as an energy source.

Water as hydraulic fluid offers numerous advantages. It is non-flammable, environmentally friendly, is available almost unrestrictedly and is relatively inexpensive. Hydraulic press drives result in low operating costs, work very efficiently and are economical.

Areas of application of hydraulic press drives

Hydraulic press drives are widely used in industry because of their economic operation. They can be found, for example, in the following application areas:

  • metal industry
  • wood industry
  • rubber industry

High pressure pumps are ideal for driving hydraulic presses directly or through storage tanks. URACA supplies the appropriate pump technology for the various press drives. Thanks to the great know-how in the field of pump technology, ideal solutions are available for numerous applications.

All questions about the drive of presses are answered by the URACA experts. Contact us now and get detailed advice.