High-pressure water jet technology for deburring and paint stripping

High-pressure water jet technology is a very efficient process for deburring and removing paint from components or assemblies. The technique has become established as an alternative to conventional mechanical methods. It ensures a gentle handling of the components and achieves high cleaning performance.

Whether for deburring or paint stripping, URACA offers the best solutions for various applications with its numerous, tailor-made systems, units and tools.

Our services for your benefit

  • customizable technology for the cleaning task
  • careful handling of the components
  • fast and effective cleaning method
  • suitable for various materials and lacquers
  • also suitable for complex geometries
  • deburring, paint stripping and cleaning in one operation
  • precise work by targeted approach possible

The machining of workpieces produces fine burrs. For further use of the components, these must be eliminated. The high-pressure deburring solves the burr in its high precision with its hard water jet. At the same time, the jet cleans the surface of the workpiece. The water jet can be directed very specifically to the area to be processed and also reaches places that hard to reach such as holes or intersections.

Other methods often have to fit in these places and reach their technical and economic limits. Thanks to its high kinetic energy, the water not only removes burrs, but also chips, metal dust, coolants residues or other adhering impurities. In order to remove so-called tinsel and flutter burrs, weld beads or scale layers, a targeted point or areal guidance of the beam can be realized.

Paint stripping completely removes lacquer layers from different substrates. For a clean removal, the interaction of the high-pressure unit and the paint stripping tool is crucial. Optimal coordination ensures thorough paint stripping of different surfaces and types of lacquer. Depending on the adhesion and hardness of the lacquer, the pressure of the water jet and its direction of action can be variably adjusted. The carrier material does not damage due to the gentle water jet process.

Advantages and requirements of high pressure water jet technology

Compared to other deburring and paint stripping methods, the high-pressure water jet process works very gently for the substrate. It can be individually adapted to material, substrate and lacquer. Even complex or filigree structures do not suffer any damage during paint stripping or deburring. The medium water is environmentally friendly and achieves a good cleaning effect, which can be further increased by the use of hot water. The water jet even reaches places that are difficult to reach and can be positioned very precisely.

The advantages of high pressure technology are:

Deburring and paint stripping with water jet technology requires pumps that generate the high working pressure and allow fine adjustment. High-pressure units and tools must be optimally matched and should be easy to operate.

Suitable Products

URACA offers high-pressure pumps, units, tools and accessories for safe and effective deburring and paint stripping.

The high-pressure water jet technology deburrs and strips different components quickly and gently. For optimum work results, it is crucial to optimally match the high-pressure units and tools. URACA is the ideal partner in this field and provides the right solutions. Contact the experts at URACA now. We are happy to advise you in detail.