High-pressure technology for rubber and road mark removal

The removal of road markings must be thorough and at the same time gentle to the pavement. The high-pressure process is the ideal solution. Whether temporary markings in job sites or markings on runways, landing strips, racetracks and parking lots - water jets ensure economic removal.

The water used is environmentally friendly, cheap and easily available. URACA offers tailor-made complete systems consisting of a high-pressure unit and application-specific accessories for pressures up to 3,000 bar.

Our services for your benefit

  • easy-to-use devices
  • robust, durable construction
  • economical removal of markings
  • quick removal of rubber abrasion on airfields
  • high pressure water up to 2,800 bar
  • wide range of products available
  • devices and nozzles for different applications
  • efficient cleaning of streets and squares

Areas of application for road and landing strip demarcation

High-pressure water removes temporary job site markings, airport markings, road and parking markings or rubber abrasion.

Landing and lane demarcation can be used on various substrates:

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Metal (bridges)
  • Paving stone

Typical marking materials are:

  • Dispersion colors
  • Plastics
  • Foils

Road demarcation methods

Road mark removal is possible with different methods.

When milling, a rotating milling cutter mechanically removes the markings.

Shot peening spins small abrasive grains at high speed on the surface destroys the lane marking.

Certain marking materials can be flame treated. The heat of the flame burns the material.

Dry-ice blasting undercools and embrittles the marking with the aid of dry ice particles and blasts them off the surface.

The road mark removal with high-pressure technology uses jet water to remove the markings from the substrates.

Requirements for high pressure technology and its advantages

In order to achieve a good cleaning effect, the water is to be radiated to the surface at high pressure via special nozzles. Pressures of up to 2,800 bar are used. For large-scale removal work, the devices must be dimensioned so that they convey enough water and act on the surface in the appropriate width.

Compared to other processes, high-pressure water jetting offers a large number of advantages:

The high pressure method is ideally suited for the demarcation of lanes and runways. It can be used for various substrates and marking materials. Despite a high cleaning effect, it does not damage the substrate. If you want to remove lane markings and are looking for a solution, URACA is the right partner for you. It provides you with suitable complete solutions including accessories. Contact URACA now. The URACA experts are happy to assist you with the selection of the products.