URACA - over 125 years of high-tech from the heart of the Swabian Alb

URACA is one of the pioneers in the construction of pumps. Since its founding in 1893 as a mechanical workshop by the two gentlemen Krumm and Magenwirth, the traditional German company from the heart of the Swabian Alb deals with this topic. Pump technology has evolved enormously over the decades, but one thing has remained the same: the high quality and high performance of URACA products.

Important milestones

1893 Company founded by the two gentlemen "Krumm and Magenwirth" as a mechanical workshop
1900 Development and production of manual press pumps
1910 Motor-driven plunger pumps
1913 "Pump factory Urach Württemberg": With a new company name the product focus "pumps" is named
1923 Installation of a second product range of high and low pressure compressors
1937 Acquisition and purchase of the current company site "Sirchinger Straße" and establishment of the current company name "URACA"
1952 Extension of the product portfolio with a complete oil hydraulic program
1960 Process and industrial pumps with outputs up to 2000 kW
1962 Development of sewer rinsing pumps - The cradle of high-pressure cleaning! The beginning of a basic product line with a forward-looking character
1970 Complete high-pressure cleaning systems complete the product range
1973 Development of the URACA tank washing heads "TWK". With the use of the patented TWKs, the interior cleaning of the container is revolutionized. Entire systems complete the success program
1987 The pressures are getting higher: With the 2000 bar technology, the "sound barrier" is broken
1991 A new hermetic pump technology meets the stringent environmental regulations: URACA process diaphragm pumps
1996 Redesign of the URACA operating area. New buildings are created: Raw material stock, assembly hall, URACA technical center and gate
2000 2800 bar technology - the hurdle for the highest pressure range is taken. At URACA, of course, for maximum service life
2007 Expansion of the power spectrum with 4-plunger pumps - a novelty in pump construction
2008 Expansion of production capacity and vertical integration - construction of a new production hall
2013 New company name "URACA GmbH & Co. KG" and new appearance
2018 Completion of the restructuring of the company premises and 125th anniversary of the company

Precision and Innovation: Technology with a future

For 125 years, URACA has been developing and producing high-pressure pumps in the Swabian town of Bad Urach. Despite a high level of internationalization and export orientation, the company has remained true to the location. Since quality is enormously important for URACA, the company consistently relies on the production location Germany and offers an unusually high level of vertical integration. Engineers with high quality awareness develop and design at the highest technical level. This results in powerful and reliable pump technology for manufacturing, production or cleaning processes in a wide range of industries. In the flexible and independent family business, traditional values complement each other perfectly with high-tech and future-oriented. The 330 highly qualified employees combine the quality awareness typical of the region with the Swabian inventiveness.

URACA Movie: Innovative customized high-pressure pumps

Let our company film take you on an interesting journey through the world of high-pressure technology, experience our spirit and get to know us...

Solutions for all kinds of applications

URACA is the ideal partner and problem solver when it comes to motorized high-pressure pumps for your applications. The company offers a wide range of products. It ranges from pre-assembled standard pumps to customized, customized high-pressure solutions.