always a challenging medium

NH3 – two letters and one number are the components of the short formula describing the exact chemical compound of ammonia. Its strong, piercing odour and toxic properties already indicate the high requirements for pumping this clear and water-soluble liquid gas. The frequently produced chemical is generally used as a raw material for nearly all nitrogen compounds. A large proportion of the worldwide production is processed to make urea and ammonia salts which are primarily used in the production of fertilisers. For exactly this sector, URACA are once again supplying a large model KD827 pump unit for the Indian market this year. Due to the highly critical properties of the medium as already mentioned, a fully developed design, the careful selection of all components used and a highly precise manufacturing process are an absolute must.
Ammonia is a gas that is brought to a liquid state during the process through increased pressure at ambient temperature. The pump design used has to feature suitable countermeasures to contain the risk of gas discharge in case of loss of pressure while also taking into account the very poor lubricating properties of the medium.

An extremely important aspect for ammonia pumps is that all components of the unit have to be fail-safe as a discharge of liquid ammonia would immediately create a huge volume of gas. The associated oxygen displacement and icing over of the surrounding area represent an extreme hazard for anyone near the pump.

Based on the long-standing experience in this industrial sector with several hundred deliveries worldwide, URACA have a suitable solution for the challenges described above. Consequently the customer has once again chosen to order an ammonia pump from us to be used in fertiliser production. Our robust and reliable pumps provide very high customer benefit and – partially due to their excellent efficiency – help to ensure economical and safe production of fertilisers worldwide.