Reliable drinking water supply for generations

With high pressure plunger pumps from URACA

Vilgertshofen, a municipality in Upper Bavaria with a population of 2600. The community’s drinking water comes from a source in Lechmühlen in the municipality of Fuchstal. It is pumped into the half way up tank near Mundraching and the elevated tank near Issing using energy generated in an environmentally friendly way from water used in hydropower systems. When the drinking water supply was modernised at the end of the 1970s, the people in charge of the project relied on a KD210-KN by URACA. Until the start of this year, the pump had been reliably supplying drinking water to the region for four decades. The pump was sent to our head quarter in Bad Urach for a complete overhaul due to increased leakage. As an interim measure, the KD624 standby pump, which was purchased in 1992, resumed service in place of the KD210-KN.

When it arrived, we completely dismantled and cleaned the pump. Due to its long service life, the wear limits, both in the mechanism and the fluid conducting part, had been exceeded in several places. As the KD210 is an outdated model and some spare parts had to be specially manufactured, performing repairs was borderline due to the cost and delivery times. Yet the authorities in the municipality of Vilgertshofen were not deterred by this. They value reliability and sustainability, which they had received for 40 years with the KD210-KN. The pump was fixed and brought back into service in calendar week 31 of 2017. This should be enough to ensure the water supply with URACA plunger pumps for the municipality of Vilgertshofen for generations to come.