Refined URACA high pressure pumps

for the hydrocracking process

Wash water pumps are part of the basic equipment in refineries, and yet these machines are of great importance for the cracking process.

In the first reactor stage, sulphur and nitrogen compounds are converted into hydrogen sulphide and ammonia by means of hydrogenation. Most of the H2S and NH3 are released by water injection. In case of failure, NH3 blocks the catalyst function. Moreover, wash water releases ammonium hydrosulfide thus preventing corrosion, deposits and blockage in the heat exchanger tubes. Wash water is existential for the cracking process. The lack of wash water would stop the hydrocracking process already after 30 minutes. URACA is aware of its responsibility and therefore prefers a conservative pump selection with regard to low pump and plunger speed, since the permissible values according to API 674 are not meant to be stretched to the limit. Moreover, the high quality material contributes to meeting customer’s demands for long life times.

Uraca’s triplex and quintuple pumps from the series KD and P are supplied to refineries worldwide. The pumps are in accordance with API 674 and meet international standards subject to use in refineries.

Long life time is obtained when pump data and design are correctly sized. The crankshaft of URACA’s pump type P5-80 is running in 6 sleeve bearings, thus avoiding deflection. Stuffing box flushing and plunger lubrication ensure long packing lives. Together with a maintenance-free pulsation damper, customer’s requirements for low maintenance and service costs are fulfilled.