High-performance equipment

for efficient and safe cleaning in power plants

In coal power plants, the heads on the flue gas desulphurisation plants – which are often up to 80 m in height – must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Over time, very hard and rock-like deposits – similar to stalactites – build up around the edges of the combustion chamber. The system’s performance suffers dramatically as these deposits constantly continue to grow. There is also the risk of larger pieces coming loose and falling, which is a safety hazard. As such, the deposits must be removed on a regular basis to ensure safety and maintain the system’s performance.

Traditionally, cleaning is carried out manually on scaffolding or via rope access in a mining operation. However, this is very time-consuming and extremely dangerous. Each block of the power station must be shut down completely for cleaning, so the resulting production downtimes can quickly cost millions. As a result, it is extremely important that the down times, and thus the cleaning times, are kept as short as possible. Cleaning using our tank cleaning heads and our JetPower480 and JetPower600 high-performance pump units is an extremely effective and ergonomic solution. URACA can slash the required cleaning times in comparison to the traditional method. Employees do not need to enter the unit, so the cleaning staff’s safety is significantly increased.

The perfect solution here are the flow-optimised URACA tank cleaning heads for maximum performance. The very large cleaning radius of the URACA 3D wash heads enables large-scale cleaning of dirty or contaminated surfaces. The wash heads can be placed in the optimum position using specialised positioning devices.