Pump maintenance

Economic and sustainable

URACA repairs and overhauls high-pressure solutions quickly, professionally and certified. Competent and experienced customer service staff ensure high-quality service. Pump maintenance includes all components of the products. A large part of the spare and replacement parts required for the repair are available from stock. Parts that are not in stock can be produced within a short time thanks to our flexible in-house production.

Repair and downtimes of the high-pressure pumps can thus be minimized and maintenance costs reduced.

Scope of services of the maintenance measures

Whether sewer cleaning pump, test pump, plunger pump, diaphragm process pump or manual test pump, URACA repairs all types of pumps. URACA also repairs and overhauls the other components of the systems quickly and professionally.

    Pump maintenance services include:

    • Use of standardized repair equipment
    • Repair exclusively with original spare parts
    • Maintenance, testing and readjustment according to original specification
    • Modernization of the equipment to the latest state of the art
    • Guarantee of new parts and compliance with uniform specifications and quality standards

    As a special customer service URACA offers the reconditioning of assembly groups and parts. This includes, for example, the reworking of valves taking wear limits into account. This service allows operating times to be extended many times over. Thanks to optimized repair processes and certification according to DIN EN ISO9001, a maximum of quality, economy and availability is guaranteed. An estimate of costs before the repair allows the customer to decide for himself whether a repair is economical. If a repair is no longer justifiable, URACA will find a solution together with the customer.

    Advantages of repair by URACA

    • fast and reliable
    • longer operating times for high-pressure technology
    • high availability and economic efficiency of the systems
    • short-term production or delivery of replacement parts
    • highest professional competence of URACA service technicians

    The URACA maintenance process

    After repairing the pumps or accessories and replacing defective parts, the URACA service technicians carry out a test run and issue a test certificate on request. The repair service is not only available at URACA, but worldwide directly on site. URACA experts carry out repair work on systems in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX directives. The ATEX safety requirements are fulfilled at all times.


    As a manufacturer of high-pressure solutions, URACA is the most competent partner for the repair of its products. Qualified experts carry out repair and service work professionally, quickly and using original spare parts. Contact URACA now and find out about the extensive maintenance services.