Spare parts

optimal logistics, for decades

URA­CA prod­ucts are de­signed for a long ser­vice life. Cer­tain parts are still sub­ject to wear, though, some­times ne­ces­si­tat­ing the use of spare parts. In those cas­es it is im­por­tant to keep down­time to a min­i­mum and to re­pair the ma­chine as quick­ly as pos­si­ble. Our spare parts team will meet your spare parts re­quest im­me­di­ate­ly and en­sure un­com­pli­cat­ed han­dling. Of­ten even af­ter many years.

Advantages of Spare parts by URACA

  • Our spare parts will be shipped quickly to any place around the world
  • We keep comprehensive stock at our headquarters, the service centres and selected agencies
  • Spare parts shipping within 48 hours (express service)
  • Uncomplicated request via our service hotline
  • Competent advice

Full support for spare part:

  • Identification of required parts
  • Binding price and delivery time information
  • Spare parts shipped through forwarding agent
  • Courier service if required
  • Development of customer-specific spare parts concepts
  • Support for optimizing your spare parts stock
  • Many standard and required spare parts have been grouped into complete repair sets. These ready-to-use spare part kits can be shipped immediately from the ware-house.