Explosion protection

tailor-made safety technology for high-pressure applications

To ensure the safety of process engineering procedures in potentially explosive atmospheres, economical and reliable explosion protection solutions are required. Depending on the application and country-specific requirements, the solutions have to meet different requirements. URACA has many years of experience in this field and is able to supply tailor-made drive, automation and safety technology. It is customized to the environmental conditions, system function and space requirements.

Advantages of URACA Explosion Protection Solutions

  • highest process reliability
  • high system availability
  • clever, economical and safe complete solutions
  • designed according to country-specific standards and requirements
  • worldwide approvals
  • high user-friendliness
  • can be used under the harshest conditions
  • competent advice
  • no retrofitting due to missing certifications

Services in the area of explosion protection

URACA's services in the field of explosion protection are very extensive and range from consulting and engineering to the delivery of customer-specific complete solutions. This includes risk analysis, validation and security documents.

In accordance with different standards and country-specific requirements, URACA offers explosion protection for pump systems and high-pressure solutions from a single source. Within the scope of the complete product range URACA designs and manufactures together with well-known manufacturers EX solutions for the use in the EX zones 0, 1 and 2.

For explosion protection, for example, explosion-proof or explosion overpressure encapsulated drive and automation technologies are used. The drive systems consist of Exd/Exde/ExnA three-phase motors in LV and HV designs, which are operated directly on the mains or with frequency control.  

Exde control boxes or special HMI panels are used for operation and monitoring in zones 1 and 2. Various installation techniques are used, such as "intrinsically safe circuits", "conduit installation" in accordance with NEC 505, fieldbus technologies and Exi/Exe field distributors in glass fiber reinforced plastic or stainless steel.

URACA also offers you reliable pressure, differential pressure, flow and level transmitters as well as switches with associated barriers, heating systems, MMC monitoring systems and valves.

The result is your individual explosion protection solution both for new plants and for integration into your existing systems.

Challenges for explosion protection solutions

in the field of high-pressure pumps

A special challenge for explosion protection solutions in the field of high-pressure pumps and high-pressure solutions is the operation under extreme conditions and adverse climatic conditions. Globalization requires solutions that can be used worldwide. URACA has the necessary know-how for this. The products guarantee long-term protection, function and reliability. They have worldwide certifications such as: ATEX, IECEx, NEC500, NEC505, CQST, NEPSI, TR CU ATEX (formerly GOST), KOSHA, KGS, UL/CSA, CCOE, IMMETRO.

Areas of application of explosion protection solutions

URACA explosion protection is used wherever control, drive, monitoring and operation of pump systems and high-pressure solutions in the explosion area take place. Whether in cold Mongolia or the hot Arabian desert, the solutions work reliably and are also suitable for corrosive or chemically contaminated ambient conditions.

Typical industries are:

Explosion protection solutions require extensive knowledge and must be adapted to local requirements. URACA provides drive, automation and safety technology for almost every place in the world. The services range from design consulting to delivery, testing and commissioning of individual complete systems. If you have any questions about explosion protection for high-pressure pumps, please contact the URACA experts now. Experienced employees from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hardware and software will find suitable solutions for you.