Individually manufactured process diaphragm pumps

for high-pressure applications

For years, industrial process systems have been subject to ever stricter regulations on the part of system operators and authorities. Toxic or environmentally harmful media must be handled emission-free for safety and environmental protection in the workplace. In many cases, conventional plunger pumps with stuffing box sealing no longer meet the strict requirements. URACA has developed hermetic process diaphragm pumps for these applications, which are available as individual special designs.

Advantages of the URACA process diaphragm pumps

  • emission-free handling of critical media
  • space-saving thanks to T-arrangement of the diaphragm heads
  • proven drive technology
  • simple modernization of existing systems
  • high operational safety through hydraulic control
  • permanent monitoring of the diaphragm
  • preventive maintenance of the pump system possible
  • reliable prevention of medium leakage

Individual special design of the process diaphragm pumps

Process diaphragm pumps have been available in the URACA product range for many years but are not included in the portfolio as standard products. The process diaphragm pumps are exclusively individual special designs on customer request. URACA takes into account the different requirements of the different applications during production.

URACA process diaphragm pumps are used wherever conventional plunger pumps are no longer permitted for environmental and safety reasons. The process diaphragm pumps can also be used economically for applications in which diaphragm pumps were not previously an issue due to the considerably higher purchase costs. URACA process diaphragm pumps are suitable for a pressure range up to 350 bar and a flow rate range up to 900 l/min. They achieve outputs up to 200 kW and, in the standard version, convey media up to 150 °C.

Diaphragm metering pumps achieve precise metering and continuously constant metering performance when pumping liquid media. The URACA process diaphragm pumps are not designed for the highly competitive market of metering pumps. They are intended for process technology, where higher capacities and flow rates are required with emission-free operation. Thanks to a double diaphragm and integrated diaphragm rupture detection, permanent monitoring of the diaphragm condition is ensured.

URACA process diaphragm pumps are an ideal solution for applications in which toxic or environmentally hazardous liquids have to be pumped emission-free. They meet strict requirements with regard to safety and environmental protection. Compared to diaphragm metering pumps, they achieve considerably higher performance. If you need individual custom-made products for your special application, contact URACA now. Our pump experts would be pleased to supply you with the appropriate process diaphragm pumps.