Pump units

High Performance for high-pressure units

The URACA pump units complete the pumps to entire solutions. They can be equipped with different drives and controls for example. Suitable for the numerous applications of the customers, the units supply the required operating pressure and flow rate. From bare shaft pumps up to turnkey solutions and self sufficient complete systems, URACA offers all possible variants. 

Advantages of URACA pump units

  • tailor-made solutions
  • individual adjustments
  • high levels of efficiencies
  • reliable technology
  • spare parts supply secured over many years
  • great variety of different solutions
  • large selection of complementary components
  • competent support in pump selection

Overview of URACA pump units

URACA offers a wide range of complete pump units for high pressure applications.

Pump units

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Tailor-made solutions for numerous applications

Depending on the application, the selection of the pump unit must be based on criteria such as mode of drive, delivery medium or required operating pressures. The units are tailor-made for the different requirements of the media and processes. Depending on the application, the products differ in the design and use of the materials.

Supplementary components for pump units

On request, components such as open or closed base frames, couplings, gearboxes, motors, frequency converters, control cabinets or pulsation dampers as well as ball / cylinder resonators, bladder accumulators and diaphragm accumulators can be added to complete a pump set. Possible purchased parts for the units are safety valves, switching valves, sensors, switches, transmitters, flushes, blocking systems, air control panels or injections.

Various applications of URACA pump units

The URACA pump units stand for a variety of applications in a wide range of industries. They can be found at municipal service providers and in chemical plants or complex industrial applications such as refineries. Further areas of application are the food industry, fertilizer production, pharmaceutical industry, steel mills or the hygiene sector.


Components such as drives, clutches or gearboxes complete URACA high-pressure pumps to form complete pump units. They are used in many industries and applications worldwide and are characterized by their reliability and performance. If you are looking for customized pump units for your application, URACA offers suitable solutions. Contact the experienced pump experts now.