With our high pressure pump unit type JetPower 40 HW in hot water edition you can clean quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Heavy as well as light scaling, coating and contaminants on damageable surfaces can be cleaned and removed in a gentle and fast way by the use of hot water with pressures up to 1.000 bar.

Technical Specification
  • Power rating: up to 55 kW
  • Standard pressure stage: 1.000 bar
  • Flow rate: up to 20 lpm
  • Dimensions: 3813x1910x2048 mm
  • Weight: 1800 kg
Specific Features
  • Machine number: 2013388
  • Hydraulic power: 35 kW
  • Media temperature max.: 95°C
  • 55 kW diesel engine with current exhaust regulation class IV
  • including standard accessories
Technical data sheet

Possible Applications

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